Active on the Niederrhein

Variously active in the Niederrhein region

All year-round well-kept greens attract the golf friends: Putting in beautiful scenery, wonderful! You can also explore nature by bike or on foot, or visit the many water holes in the Lower Rhine region. But even in winter, there are other things to do in the Lower Rhine: for example, ice skating indoors and on the outside ring.

Cycling & Bike Routes

For cyclists, the Niederrhein is a true paradise. Hardly any hills, but the best bike paths and real enjoyment of nature. This is exactly why the region is so attractive for cyclists. The paths lead through forests and fields past lakes and along rivers to historic old towns, museums and markets, castles and palaces. The network of cycle paths is over 2,000 kilometers long. You don’t need a compass or maps: the network is perfectly signposted with the “node system”.

Bike rental "NiederrheinRad"

You can find our bike rental stations all over the Niederrhein. With this rental system, we offer you a very special rental system in which you rent a bike and either return it at the same station or quite flexibly at any other station. All you have to do is rent your bike at the respective station and arrive: Your bike will then be waiting for you.

Hiking & Nature

Here you can immerse yourself in the landscape, explore and marvel at it. You can experience the diversity of nature in all its forms and colors in one of our nature parks, lake landscapes and natural treasures. You can wonderfully observe the spectacle of the wild geese in the Niederrhein region. In fact, wild geese are the greatest impression of nature here, so enjoy this phenomenon.

Water sports & swimming fun

Summer, sun, joie de vivre = vacation feeling. The Niederrhein has plenty of that to offer. We not only have the Rhine and the Meuse, we also have the “North and the South Sea”. The fine sandy beach at the Xanten leisure center is kilometers long, and for active vacationers there’s surfing, diving and water skiing to boot. Paddling is possible on the Lippe and Niers rivers, and even rafting is offered on the Rur. The Niederrhein is simply pure water fun.

Excursion tips for active people

How about adventures in lofty heights, a visit to the zoo or trying golf on one of the numerous golf courses in the region. Active in the Niederrhein region – full of surprises.

Horse riding in the Lower Rhine region

You can ride almost everywhere. But not everywhere you can ride through endless border forests alternately in two countries like we do here. The location in the German-Dutch border area makes it possible. Trail riders will also find many excellent shelters here.

Group tours in the Lower Rhine region

Traveling with a group of nice people is a lot of fun. It is especially nice to take group tours by ship on the Rhine or the Meuse, the two big rivers that surround the Niederrhein. Even a paddle steamer sails on the Rhine, so you don’t have to travel to the Mississippi.