Alpen is a rural community consisting of four districts (Alpen, Bönninghardt, Menzelen and Veen) with the flair typical of the [...]


This rural community in the northern district of Kleve has something very different to offer. Modern art in the Schloss [...]


Take the time to look around the hospitable castle community in the nature park with a historical centre and Brüggen [...]


The “green gateway to the Ruhr area” at the interface between the beautiful Lower Rhine and the vibrant Ruhr Metropolis. [...]

Emmerich am Rhein

Touristic place for people from near and far. The promenade with view to Germany’s longest suspension bridge and the churches [...]


Geldern has made a name for itself through its street art competition, with 500 painters, musicians and theatre groups, Whitsun [...]


The modern mid-sized centre is located in one of the most beautiful stretches of the left-bank Lower Rhine region, directly [...]


The sports and leisure municipality offers one of the largest ice rinks in Europe (8,000 square meters). Other attractions include [...]


Some of the sights worth seeing are Schloss Ringenberg palace with its art studio centre, the Marienthal monastery church as [...]


Hünxe is attractively situated in the lower Lippetal valley and to a large extent is part of the Hohe Mark [...]


As well as the Haus Issum, the current headquarters of the district administration, the “His-Törchen” art and local history venue [...]


The historic market square with its stepped gable houses, old court lime tree and Gothic town hall, is an unforgettable [...]


You will encounter history around every corner in the historic Old Town. Right in the centre lies the lively Buttermarkt [...]


Here you can quickly leave behind the hectic and stressful pace of city life. The extensive and attractive marshland promises [...]


Kevelaer in the Lower Rhine region is well known as the largest Holy Mary pilgrimage site in north-western Europe. Every [...]


Kleve still has much to show from its rich history as the former spa town of Bad Cleve: the Schwanenburg [...]


The mill tower as a symbol of the town dominates the historic centre, as does the old town wall and [...]


Shopping city and economic center, historic center with historic facades and modern shops, cosmopolitan cultural city and leisure oasis, restaurants, [...]


This pretty town in the heart of the Schwalm-Nette nature park, has plenty to offer with its six districts and [...]


Here, the Lower Rhine and the Ruhr area meet. Neukirchen and Vluyn are two districts that together have a lot [...]


Niederkrüchten – the heart of the international Maas-Schwalm-Nette nature park. 2,800 hectares of forest, 467 hectares of nature reserve and [...]


Rees am Rhein, the oldest town on the lower Lower Rhine has plenty of Rhenish attractions on offer. The greater [...]


The former customs and fortress town is worth exploring, with its historic listed buildings. Rheinberg has many facets, with its [...]


The “eco village on the Lower Rhine” in a unique landscape with forested hills and chains of pools. The Oermter [...]


In our vibrant community, the best of all four corners of the earth comes together: With one foot in the [...]


Schwalmtal valley offers leisure and relaxation in a delightful natural environment, with old mills, the Hariksee lake, the Schwalm river [...]


Visit Sonsbeck, the green pearl on the Lower Rhine, and gain an impression of our incredible landscape, as well as [...]


The town’s slogan, “Alles im grünen Bereich” (“Everything is green” / “Everything is alright”), is a play on words that [...]


Wassenberg is one of the few towns on the Lower Rhine that have a real “Berg”, or hill. Crowned by [...]