Hiking in Naturpark Maas-Schwalm-Nette


3 days on premium hiking trails   Welcome to the “Wasser.Wander.Welt” hiking paradise with wonderful trails that take you into [...]

Deer Park – “Süchtelner Höhen”


The deer park in Süchteln is maintained by the city of Viersen and provides three large preserves for deer, wild [...]

Natural spectacle on the Lower Rhine – to the rest areas of the Nordic wild geese


Every year an impressive spectacle of nature takes place in winter: Up to 200.000 wild geese from Siberia stay at [...]

Sauerländischer Gebirgsverein Abteilung Dinslaken e.V.


Hiking is in vogue! Do you enjoy hiking, too? You always wanted to see more of our varied landscape? You [...]

Nature experience Diersfordter forest


The „Diersfordter Wald“, as a part of the natural reserve “Hohe Mark”, presents a special experience all year long with [...]

Myths and Legends: Joseph Beuys


If you want to follow in Joseph Beuys’ footsteps, the idyllic town of Kleve is just the place for you: [...]

Sportily following the pilgrims of St. James


5 days on the Way of St. James   The Arnold-Janssen City of Goch, famous for its historic buildings, is [...]

James meets the Niederrhein


5 days on the Way of St. James   Dive into this hike along the exceptionally multifaceted partial stage of [...]