Favourite spots

Visiting a location is only ever as inspiring as the feelings associated with the place itself. That special moment arises with the right people at just the right time. The feeling of this moment will remain, and we will wish for more. We want to show you that there are countless exciting stories with and about the people of Niederrhein.

Niederrhein – a region distinguished by the endearing features and characteristics which make it so unique. The image of the region is shaped by these special features, the established regional culture, the landscape and the local specialities, and above all, by the unique character of the Niederrhein people and those who call this region their home.

Anyone visiting Niederrhein should experience a feeling of “Heimat auf Zeit” (temporary home away from home), become part of the region and benefit from these exclusive insider tips. Many exciting attractions still remain undiscovered for residents and non-residents alike. Let’s embark on this expedition together. Stories turn hidden places into an emotional experience.

Please feel free to find your own favourite place in Niederrhein or simply get inspired by one of the other popular spots.